construction fencing

Construction fencing, also called portable fence, which is convenient both in installation and typically found on construction sites, demolition sites, outdoor events and security-sensitive events.

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There are many different types of security fencing applicable to the construction industry. APAC provides temporary fencing solutions to construction firms, we can provide one-stop solutions according to you.

temporary construction hoarding

temporary construction hoarding

Temporary hoardings are a type of high-security fence that can be used to enclose a demolition while it is being built.

portable construction fencing

It has galvanized wires and tubes that are strong enough to keep people safe on construction sites, road closures, accident scenes.

temporary orange construction fencing

Orange safety plastic mesh is made of HDPE and is also UV stabilized with the rectangular mesh type, is popularly used in safety fencing.

temporary chain link fence

Chain Link Temporary Fence is also known as American temporary fence, movable fence, or construction fence. It is consist of chain link panel, round tube frame, steel feet, optional stays and clamps.

Canada construction fence

Canada temporary fence is made of welded wire mesh panels and square tubing. And there is a square tube in the middle of the welded wire mesh panel to support it, making it more solid.It provides affordability and flexibility benefits.

heras fence

These popular Heras-style fencing panels is designed thin-mesh, helps to keep the panels lightweight for easy transportation and storage, whilst also offering effective security once in place.

how manufacture construction fencing

Construction fence is a kind of temporary fence constructed by galvanized wires and tubes. It has galvanized wires and tubes and they are sturdy enough to protect people’s security in construction site, road closure, accident spots.

These panels can be installed by one single person, which makes setting up and dismantling that much easier, without sacrificing security and durability. The mesh is deceptively strong and stands up against the caprices of weather, the harshness of various types of site and human interference.When properly installed, they are extremely sturdy, providing a high level of safety and security to all types of areas.


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