green construction safety net

green construction safety net

Green Construction Safety Netting is for construction in case of dropping of building materials or work staff, using construction net surround whole building, protecting high space work staff and walking man, also keep working place clean. A scaffolding Net is necessary for building construction.

APAC offers a wide range of safety net solutions to reduce on-site accidents.
Our leading construction safety nets prevent workers from falling injuries. 

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APAC Builders Equipment

green construction safety net for sale

We can provide green construction safety nets, main material is HDPE, high technical drawbench and special woven.It can append anti-burning component, in order to proof fire.

horizontal green debris netting

green construction safety net

  • Net weight:50g/m2-230g/m2
  • Net width:1m, 2m, 4m or by requirements
  • Rolls Lengths:10m, 50m, 100m or by requirements.
roof safety netting

green construction safety net with reinforced edge

  • Material:PP
  • Knit type: knotless
  • Rope diameter: 1mm-7mm
  • Border: with elastic rope
Universal PP knotless roof safety netting

green heavy duty construction safety net

  • Material Polyester Nylon PP material. Also, we could base on your requirement
  • Mesh size 1cm x 1cm / 2cm x 2cm / 3cm x 3cm / 4cm x 4cm or according to your request
  • OEM: available
high density debris netting

high density green construction safety net

  • Material: knitted knot-less virgin high density poly ethylene.
  • Weight: 300 g/m2 with reinforced edges at the side and middle.
  • UV treated (for longer life span).
Reinforced edge debris netting

green construction safety net with EYELET HOLES

  • Material: HDPE, PE(polyethylene), PP, Nylon, polyester, polyvinyl alcohol.
  • Length: 50-200m rolls or 5m,6m sheets.
  • Density: 50-300gram weight per square meter.
Safety Net Double Layers

double deck green construction safety net

  • Material: High strength PP with UV treated 
  • Color: Green/Red/Black/Blue (any color)
  • Thickness: 6.0mm (1.0–6.0mm)
  • Mesh size: 100x100mm (10x10mm–100x100mm)

how manufacture construction safety net

Construction Net is made of HDPE, with the advantages of high strength, light weight, heat insulation, ventilation, fireproofing, dust prevention and noise reduction. It has been widely used in many aspects, especially in construction sites to prevent harm and danger from falling, in order to form a healthy and safe environment.

If you and your project need edge protection barriers, please reach out to our team. We can help find the perfect solution for any worksites!

Applications of green construction safety net

These nets are used extensively within the construction industry and are designed for working conditions at heights such as exposed suspension works (i.e. bridges), construction sites and warehouses. 

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construction safety net
  • Offers millions of square feet of construction safety nets for sale
  • Compliant with OSHA, ANSI, ISO, and other construction safety standards.
  • Safety solutions developed in close collaboration with your unique needs
  • Whatever your industry, we will ensure that your workers are protected at height
  • Free samples are available
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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