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vertical safety netting

Vertical safety netting is located in the vertical position of the building edge. Their function is to make up a containment of the structures under construction or guardrails, preventing people and fragments from falling from the open-sided or into the void.

• UV inhibited and resistant to temperature changes
• Knitted polyethylene threads with reinforced border
• Fire retardant available to meet legal requirements
• Air-permeable to keep the constructional site
• Fitted with the greatest possible tension when the operator falls

– Improve the safety on job sites
– Economical and cost-effective
– Meets NYC Local Law 61 and OSHA specifications
– Easy installation is reduced considerably labor
– Easily foldable, saving transport and storage costss

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APAC vertical safety netting/mesh is perfect for construction debris safety use, preventing light debris from falling out of the construction sites. This heavy-duty knitted poly mesh is UV resistant and fire retardant. It has a fine mesh size, still allowing the air to flow.
We offer OSHA-compliant vertical safety netting for all scaffolding companies and wholesalers. The lead time is about 15-20 days.

Fire Retardant Vertical Safety Netting,Orange

● Hole openings 1/4″ X 1/4″
● Knitted Polyethylene threads with reinforced edge
● Meets requirements of NFPA 701 

Fire Retardant Vertical Safety Netting,White

● Material: 100% Virgin HDPE with FR
● With ¼” Mesh Openings, 4cm reinforced border
● Size: 4′ X 150′, 5’6″ X 150′, 8’6″ X 150′

Fire Retardant Blue Vertical Safety Netting

Fire Retardant Vertical
Safety Netting,Blue

● Hole openings 1/4″ X 1/4″
● Both sides with a 4cm reinforced edge
● Material: 100% Virgin HDPE with FR
● Fire-Retardant rate meets NFPA 701

Move forward your business when partner with APAC

At APAC SAFETY, we believe the key to business success is to depends on actively fulfilling the distinctive promises of our own Mission: Safety is first.
APAC Safety is committed to being a high-performance global distributor offering not only worksite safety products, but value-added services to our customers as well. We are dedicated to providing scaffolding, edge protection system, fall protection, fence & barricade and PPE to meet the needs of worksite safety.
All APAC safety netting is tested and approved to meet the standards of the international industrial and construction industry. We strictly inspect every production step before packing and shipment, ensure the quality and match the customized requests.
Whether you’re working from an existing plan or will start a new one, we can work within your budget according to your needs. Our friendly team is ready to help you with professionalism.

Salient Characteristics of vertical safety netting

Safety Debris Netting is a 1/4” knitted mesh made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors for maximum lifespan.
Safety Debris Netting rolls include reinforced hemmed edges for fastening. Designed for use with traditional cable set-ups, the vertical safety netting attaches to the cable with supplied or available Zip Clips. The bottom edge of the net is quickly secured using a powder-actuated tool to fire the nail into the tie-down plate. Removing and relocating the system is simple, remove the Zip Clips and pry the nails out of the tie-down plates with a hammer. Easy installation and dismantling save you time and money.
The nets and accessories are reusable if properly removed and stored.

versatile uses for vertical safety Netting

Vertical safety netting can be used for many different purposes, such as scaffold enclosure, demolition control, part of a guardrail system, floor-to-floor netting, warning safety fence, privacy fence screen, construction site barriers, sandblast curtains and many other similar uses.

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your Leading construction safety net supplier
  • Offers millions of square feet of construction safety nets for sale
  • Compliant with OSHA, ANSI, ISO, and other construction safety standards.
  • Safety solutions developed in close collaboration with your unique needs
  • Whatever your industry, we will ensure that your workers are protected at height
  • Free samples are available
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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