Australia temporary fence

APAC‘s Australia temporary fencing are been manufactured to stand with the Australian and New Zealand markets.
This temporary fence (also called portable fence) system is created by metal fence panels, fence feet, clamps and accessories in conjunction together. It is ideal for construction sites, private property and events, etc.

● Modular components quickly installation
● No digging holes or laying foundations, saving labor
● Galvanized temp fencing panels built to last
● Anti UV base improving long life expectancy
● Plenty of fence kits available
● Comply with Australian Standards AS 4687-2007

australia temporary fence SYSTEM COMPONENTS

temp fence panels

Galvanized steel fence panel, portable and easy assembly


base for fence panels standing, steel or plastic


temp fence clamps

steel connector of the temporary fence panels


Optional accessories upon your request

APAC Builders Equipment

Wholesale australia temporary fence by TYPES

Each fence type provides more detailed information on each item, you can click ” more details ” for the dimensions and features.
Our consultants are always on-call to help you choose the best solution for your temporary fence system.
And you can request a free online quote today to get the newest price.

heavy duty Temp Fence Panel

Standard Temporary Fencing

Panel size :  2400mm(L) × 2100mm(H)     
Frame pipe OD:  32mm         Frame pipe thickness:  1.5mm

heavy duty Temp Fence Panel

heavy duty Temporary Fencing

Panel size :  2400mm(L) × 2100mm(H)     
Frame pipe OD:  32mm         Frame pipe thickness:  2.0mm

custom Temporary Fencing Panel

CUSTOMized Temporary Fencing

Different specifications are available according to your inquiry or detailed drawings

APAC - Your Temporary Fence Leaders

APAC is a Chinese leader in providing safe, effective and dependable construction worksite safety products and solutions. In the construction safety boundary area, We have provided high-quality temporary fencing and barriers to worldwide clients for over 10 years.
All our temp fencing and steel barricades are manufactured in China. Skilled workers use Full Welding & Hand Welding for optimum strength & stability. The temporary fencing panels are pre-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized. They can be durable even in the harshest environments.
From the very beginning, we have carefully observed and listened to the demands of the fencing market. Your requirements can be always met by tailoring our services.
Contact us today and see why we are one of the leaders of temporary fencing in China.

More details About APAC australia temporary fence

Quality Meets Excellence

We have a strict quality control system, and all of our Australia temporary fences will pass strict quality inspections before they reach customers.

Our products are very durable and long-lasting.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of temporary fencing in China. We have a strong R&D team so that we can provide you with high-quality products at competitive prices.

surface treatment for you

All of our metal products undergo surface treatment before shipping in order to achieve color and corrosion resistance.
The most common treatment was powder coating, zinc galvanizing, and spray painting. We give pre-treatment of metal prior to treatment, to ensure the coating is durable and long-lasting.

Zinc Galvanizing
On steels, we offer both hot dip and cold galvanizing for zinc galvanizing.

Before galvanizing, metals have been soaked in a caustic bath.

Hot Dip – Steel immerses in a molten zinc bath to create durable and tough zinc alloy layers. It provides maximum corrosion protection for steel when used outdoors.

Cold – Zinc spays to steels at all angles at a controlled rate for required thickness. It provides basic corrosion protection for indoor applications.

In addition, we provide customized services and can choose different treatment methods according to the needs of customers.

surface treatment

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nz temporary fence project packing

We have been in this business for many years and we have built a good reputation for ourselves. You can be sure that we will deliver high-quality products at a reasonable price.

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AUSTRALIA Temporary Fenceing Suiting your Industry and Projects

APAC Builders Equipment

OPTIONAL australia temporary fence fittings

Australia Temporary fencing can be installed with many accessories, which allow you to build your temporary fence system in an easy way. For example, shade cloth, bracing, handrails, dog bars and barbed wires.
You can choose the proper fittings for your need and security requests. And the usage level of the temporary fencing can be improved to a large degree.

temporary fence bracing

Top-class welded steel frame for enhanced resistance and durability.


fence Shade cloth

Privacy screen mesh/net fabric, block out sightseeing or wind and dust.

Custom Printed

Logo or graphics printed on solid sticker or fence screens


Dog Bar

Attached to the fence panel with clamps, that prevent dogs and other animals entering.

Chain Link Fence Barb Wire Arms - 6-Wire

barb wire arm

Galvanized barbwire arm is the most popular fitting used to install barbwire on temp fence.

workplace safety signs

Top-class welded steel frame for enhanced resistance and durability.

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  • Offers the safest, simplest, and most secure temporary fence solutions
  • The applicable scope from construction sites to outdoor locations
  • Fully temp fencing solutions with complete fencing kits
  • Capability to supply both bulk orders and smaller volumes
  • Assist with any questions you have about temporary fencing
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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