blue debris netting

blue debris netting

Construction Safety Net is also named Safety Netting, Building Safety Net, Debris Safety Netting, Construction Safety Net, Fence Nets, Debris Nets, PE Scaffolding Net, Scaffolding Net. Scaffold Netting is a knitted mesh used to wrap buildings for safety, protecting workers.

Our blue debris netting offers high strength, good elasticity, easy installation, non-pollution. It is environmental- friendly, soft, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, worm-resistant,  cold-resistant, can be closed for working, and keep the construction site nice and clean. etc.

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blue debris netting for sale

Debris Netting is durable, heavy-duty plastic netting for use on scaffolding to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris.

If you would like your netting in specified colors or specifications, just reach out to a member of our team, we can make the debris netting in any customize required.

debris netting for scaffolding

Blue Scaffold
Debris Netting

Fabric:  100% Knitted Polyethylene
Size:  10′ x 150′,
Reinforced border 


Blue HDPE Safety
Debris Netting

Fabric: High-density Polyethylene
Size: 150 x 4 ft
Fire-retardant meets NFPA 701



● High strength PVC vinyl coated
● Highly tear-resistant
● FR meets NFPA 701 Test Method 2

safety debris netting

Blue Polyethylene
Debris Netting

  • Reinforced border 
  • Flame-retardant coating
  • UV-resistant 
scaffold debris netting


  • Monofilament polyethylene knitted netting
  • Eyelets down the length at 10cm intervals
  • Mesh Size:2-3mm x 2-3mm
fire retardant debris netting

heavy duty blue debris netting

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Safer working environment for staff and public
  • Reduces the risk of falling objects

More details about scaffolding debris netting

how manufacture debris netting

Debris netting is a high density knitted polyethylene ,which is UV stabilized. The debris netting is available in both flame and non-flame retardant. Debris netting has a reinforced edge to maximize the strength. It is mainly used in the buildings and construction sites o prevent the debris from falling down and hurt people . The debris netting can be used in vertically or horizontally. When the debris netting is installed in horizontally , it usually use combing with the personal safety nets.

If you and your project need debris netting, please reach out to our team. We can help find the perfect solution for any worksites!

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Fire Retardant Blue Vertical Safety Netting

We have a strict quality control management system to ensure that the best products are delivered to customers. We offer our clients a wide range of quality assurance services from product design and testing, material selection and sourcing, warehousing, distribution, and delivery.

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Applications of blue debris netting

Debris netting is used in building , bridge or other project constructions, falling objects protection, protecting the workers, wind and dust controlling, beautifying the construction site, reducing sound pollutions. etc.

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