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construction edge protection

APAC Edge Protection System provides perimeter edge protection solutions for the interior and exterior openings on under-construction buildings.
APAC Builders Equipment Ltd was the first Chinese company to develop and manufacture edge protection products for all construction edge protection solutions and continues to work for the construction worksite safety industry.
All of our products are made in China, with high performance and cost-effectiveness. No matter the winter low temperatures or hot and humid climates, they all work in a good performance to keep the edge safe for workers on the construction site.
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APAC Builders Equipment

Innovative Construction Edge Protection Solutions

We offer everything you would need in construction edge protection, from products to solutions in all types of construction projects.
Our edge protection products are manufactured primarily in our own modern factories. This ensures the production capacity and high quality. What’s more, we offer the entire technical support of the whole procedure with turn-key service.
With keep our words all the time, we have helped our clients to maintain the highest level of worksite safety throughout the entire construction project.

slab edge protection

Flexible and adjustable fall protection equipment for concrete slab edges

formwork edge protection

Suitable for formwork systems with extra guard fall safety protection

scaffold edge protection

Provides edge protection for any scaffolding works on access or platform

stair edge protection

Safety containment increased on stairways, ease of use

steel frame edge protection

Expertly designed beam clamps and mesh panels for steel structures

roof edge protection

Offer solutions that uses base and rails or barriers for all roof types

lift shaft edge protection

A simple solution to lift shafts or ventilation areas

full height edge protection

Create full-height edge protection around the entire perimeter of the slab

safety net system

A passive fall protection system consists of nets, to prevent fall hazard

how we manufacture
construction edge protection products

Employers are responsible for ensuring the job site are safe. And the workers should be alert of any unsafe issues or potential hazards noticed on or near worksites.
For over 10 years, APAC has been protecting worksites with best-in-class construction edge protection solutions.
Our outdoor and indoor products are developed by our safety experts and rigorously tested to meet or surpass UK, USA, CA and AU standards for any form of high-rise construction. Users only are required minimal training to perform extremely fast installations, which reduces labor costs.
So you can be certain that the worksite is safer with our safety solutions for those who work on it.
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Or talk to our experts about your project details, for ensuring your sites are safe.

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  • China #1 Edge Protection Systems manufacturer and supplier
  • Offers free design service and one-stop solution
  • Edge Protection Barriers maximum versatility to other brands
  • Fully edge protection solutions with interchangeable components
  • Capability to supply both bulk orders and smaller volumes
  • Samples in stock ready for delivery
  • Fast and efficient delivery to whole world

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