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scaffold edge protection

Scaffold Edge Protection is often used as a general solution for providing guardrails and barriers to protect workers or equipment against falls from scaffolding.
APAC‘s scaffolding edge protection solutions are compatible with most scaffold brands. In our solutions, the nettings, barriers, posts, and accessories can be combined with scaffolds perfectly to achieve safety on scaffolding platforms or access.

APAC Builders Equipment

The scaffold edge protection SOLUTIONS provider

APAC can provide full scaffold edge protection solutions by  edge protection barriers, scaffold netting and PPE to provide fall protection for scaffolding works.
Whatever your project, we have the edge protection expertise, Whatever your challenge, we have the solution.

edge protection barriers

Installed around the perimeter of above-ground construction projects, protecting the worker & to stop materials & debris from falling

brick guards

Designed for construction working platforms or scaffolding access aisles, to help prevent bricks and debris from falling

safety net fan

Pre-assembled units which can be used on concrete structure and scaffolding, double layer nets for ultimate protection of any falling objects and debris


Building a containment system for scaffolding. Steel wire reinforced and fire retardant. Easy & economical installation & removal.

figure 5-fall-harness

safety harness

For workers who are at risk of falling. Having a single D-ring on the back that connects to a self-retracting lifeline or a shock-absorbing lanyard

6 ft. Single Leg Lanyard

safety lanyard

Worker’s vital link to their fall protection secure anchor point. short sections of webbing or cable attached to the D-ring of a safety harness

Every single scaffolding project situation is different, and many different factors come into play when determining what type of scaffolding edge protection solution to use.
Do remember, there is no “One Size Fits All” solution.
Choose ones from these solutions suit with your situation, or contact to our experts as to technical matters.

scaffold edge protection Devices on job sites

how we manufacture edge protection products

On the annual OSHA Top 10 most cited violations, Scaffolding injuries rank 3rd. APAC has been dedicated to developing and providing construction edge protection products for over 10 years to make workers safer.

As the most prominent Chinese construction edge protection provider, we’re big on all the safety things that matter to you, from equipment and service to sustainability and trust.

We have 3 production bases and can provide 5000 sets of edge protection systems per month, guaranteeing delivery time. 80% of frontline operatives have been on the job for more than 5 years and are experienced.

We will strictly follow SGS standards and carry out four random inspections of edge protection system products before, during, after production and after packaging, with a sampling rate of 5% and no less than 20 pieces, and provide test reports.

If you need some products or believe you could benefit from edge protection systems, just contact us for a free quote.

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