The Development of Edge Protection Systems

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Different fatal accidents may occur in the absence of safety protocols on construction sites. These results can be either due to the falling of an object or due to falling from heights. The edge protection system is used on construction sites in order to keep workers safe when they are working.

The main function of the temporary edge protection system is to prevent objects or people from falling on the ground while you work at heights.  There are multiple scenarios in which a person can be working at some height. This can lead to accidents and dangerous injuries. An unsafe workplace loses the trust of its workers.

To ensure that your workers are safe and sound, the installation of an edge protection system becomes necessary.

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During the past 50 years, the buildings were not long enough to require an edge protection system. As time passed, the heights of buildings started increasing in the construction industry. This improvement is good at some point but people started getting injured during working on large heights. Falls from heights are the leading cause of death and the third cause of non-fatal injuries in recent years.The need for edge protection systems in the construction industry arose due to the high incidence of accidents related to falls from heights.This is why the need to use the edge protection system arose.

One example of such buildings can be seen in the image given below.

If you belong to the construction industry and want to know how the development of edge protection barriers took place. Just continue reading till the end.


It was in 1974 when the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) allowed workers to start caring about the safety of sites. It was for the first time when that serious action was taken to inspect and maintain the work equipment. The HSWA of 1974 is still considered the most valued legislation piece.

Then, it was in 2005 when The Work At Height Regulations promoted the clear principle of working at a height. According to those principles, the safety work at height should be stressed, decreasing the injuries.

These safety regulations proved that accidents from height were reduced from 38 in 2017-18 to 30 in 2018-19.

These regulations emphasize the importance of safety equipment, and the facts show that that worksite accidents are reduced by 30% after 2005. We can believe that the accidents at worksites will continue to reduce with time.

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Current Market Usage Of Edge Protection barrier

The current market usage of edge protection systems has increased slowly from 2021 and will keep growing to 2026. The market is increasing due to high concerns about safety measures. The trend to build taller architectures is also increasing the market for edge protection barrier systems.

Some stringent regulations and rules imposed by the government for safety purposes are also increasing the market trend. There can be seen a growing tendency to utilise new technologies in different sectors. This is also something that is increasing the demand for edge protection systems. The reason behind their effectiveness is that they can prevent falling from the edges of tall buildings.

Apart from the high market demand, there are also key challenges for edge protection systems. The availability of raw materials to manufacture the edge protection system can be a real key challenge. On the other hand, some edge protection systems are too expensive that they aren’t affordable by small companies. This is something that is limiting the demand for edge protection systems in the market. Covid 19, trade fractions and logistics fees are also some other challenges.

Even though edge protection systems can be expensive, their flexibility and edge protection ability surge market growth opportunities. An increasing number of taller buildings predict the growth opportunity for edge protection systems.

According to some authentic reports, the US is having the highest share in the edge protection system market. This share may also increase in the upcoming future. The market size by various factors is explained below:

Market By Product Type:

Formwork edge protection system

Steel structure edge protection system

Concrete edge protection system

Formwork edge protection supplier
steel structure-edge-protection
edge protection during concrete

Market By Application:

Industrial construction

Residential construction

Commercial construction

Infrastructure construction

Market By Region:

Latin America: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, etc

APAC: South Korea, Japan, China, Australia, India, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, etc

Europe: Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Turkey, etc.

North America: Canada, United States of America, etc

✔ The Middle East and Africa: Israel, UAE, KSA, Egypt, Kenya, etc.

The Developments In The Future

An interesting point to note is that the edge protection system market is valued at 378.2 million dollars to 385.9 million in 2021. According to some accurate estimates, it will increase to 602.6 million in the year 2026. The huge increase in commercial and residential construction is increasing every year. Hence increasing the market for edge protection systems.

The market size of edge protection systems will increase with a higher CGAR rate during the next few years. An increase in awareness about protection techniques is contributing a lot to growing the market size. The rising capital income of developing and developed countries is becoming a source to increase the development of protection systems.

There are many benefits of engineered leading-edge safety systems beyond avoiding OSHA citations. Here are some additional benefits:

  1. Less labor & installation costs: Engineered leading-edge safety systems are designed to be efficient and cost-effective to install. These systems can be prefabricated off-site, reducing the need for on-site fabrication or welding. This can help reduce labor and installation costs, making it a more affordable option for employers.

  2. Adaptability: Engineered leading-edge safety systems are adaptable to different types of buildings, structures, and worksites. These systems can be customized to fit the specific needs of a project, making them a versatile solution to fall protection.

  3. Sustainability: Many engineered leading-edge safety systems are constructed from sustainable materials, such as aluminum or steel. These materials are durable, long-lasting, and recyclable, making them an eco-friendly option for employers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

  4. Efficiency: Engineered leading-edge safety systems can increase efficiency on worksites by providing a safe working environment for workers. By reducing the risk of accidents and injuries, workers can work more confidently and productively.

  5. Maintenance & Professional Appearance: Engineered leading-edge safety systems are designed for easy maintenance and upkeep. These systems have a professional appearance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a building or structure.

  6. Return on Investment: The investment in an engineered leading-edge safety system can provide a high return on investment over time. By reducing accidents and injuries, employers can avoid costly medical bills, insurance claims, and legal fees.

  7. Risk Reduction: Finally, engineered leading-edge safety systems can significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on worksites. By providing reliable fall protection, employers can prioritize the safety of their workers and build a positive safety culture within their organization.


In conclusion, you can say that the edge protection system is playing a huge role in the safety of the construction. With the latest technologies and taller buildings developing every single day, edge protection systems are considered lifesavers. It is only due to this efficient equipment that the construction of complex structures has become possible.

Looking at all this progressive journey, it can be said that edge protection systems have made huge progress. Edge protection systems are a safe way to reduce accidents. It is necessary to use these systems at your worksite. If you are looking to buy a high-quality edge protection system, then contact us now. We are always here to help you.