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edge protection for commercial construction

Commercial construction involves projects such as the building of offices, industrial facilities and other business establishments.

Why you need edge protection systems in commercial construction?

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In commercial constructions, not only high-rise buildings need edge protection, but also low-rise buildings. Low-rise buildings may reduce workers’ vigilance and are more prone to falling.

Therefore, when workers work, the edge protection systems will make them not worry about slipping during construction. This way, the workers can work more quickly and efficiently. Adequate edge protection also prevents construction items from falling from heights, which also solves the possibility of your lawsuit.

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Considering the wider context of increasing urbanisation, the growth in tall commercial building projects, debris protection and on-site health and safety was identified as a top concern for contractors. It is considered vital to install the correct edge protection system, contact us and our experts will provide professional advice for your project.

high-rise building solutions

Construction firms building high-rise developments in compact, inner city locations need effective safeguards that protect site operatives and the public from danger and damage.

falling objects solution

Catching and securely containing falling objects, protecting property, the public and site workers, at the same time protecting your business from possible litigation should an incident occur. 

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Sometimes, there are many open spaces in the construction work space. In order to prevent workers from approaching dangerous areas or prevent irrelevant people from entering, creating a closed space, we provide different solutions for this, click the link now, and view our solutions!

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