edge protection post

The edge protection post is the base component of edge protection systems. It is mostly used on concrete or steel structures installed on the slab or decking, where it supports the temporary edge protection barriers.
APAC posts are the generation of safety edge protection posts, which are employing a different, faster, fixing principle, with simplified installation and extended durability, and results in increased on-site efficiency.
Based on the different applications, they are divided into different types as below.

● Modular components fit many types of edge protection system
● Can be quickly installed, saving labor
● Galvanized surface for long lifespan
● Performance-tested design to BS EN 13374

APAC Builders Equipment

safedge posts

Safedge posts 1.2m

Used for installing mesh barrier panels on construction sites

Safedge Extension Post

Extend the height of the Safedge post to 1.8 m for installing the extension barrier

assembled safedge system

Socket Base, Safedge Post and Safedge Mesh Barriers 2.6m or 1.3m

TG post

TG Post 1.3m

Used for installing welded bending temporary edge protection barriers

TG Post 1.8m

Higher for fitting extension TG mesh barriers to create a safer worksite

assembled TG system

TG foot, TG Post, TG Mesh Barriers 2.6m or 1.3m and TG Barrier Clips

Compression post

Compression post M1

Fix between concrete floors and soffits without anchors to provide safe support

Compression post M2

Full height edge protection component, better locked device for more safety

compression post system

Installed with edge protection barriers or additional soft netting to the soffit

APAC Builders Equipment

Edge protection posts application 3D dispaly

safedge posts application

TG posts application

compression posts

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