galvanised pedestrian barriers

galvanised pedestrian barriers

The galvanised pedestrian barrier is able to ensure a safe perimeter to separate pedestrians from any hazards and also create secure access areas, making them ideal for events and demonstrations.

All our pedestrian safety barriers are fully welded and come complete with fixing bolts. They are hot dip galvanised and are generally 2 metres long and 1.05 metre high. The framework is constructed from 50 x 30mm rectangular hollow sections with 13mm diameter through holes for bolting together.

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galvanised pedestrian barriers for sale

Our range of galvanised pedestrian barriers for sale includes fixed leg barriers, interlock barriers, heavy duty barriers, and much more. Powder-coated options are also available as standard, or bespoke in your brand colors, get in touch with us for details.

Portable galvanised pedestrian barriers

Portable galvanised pedestrian barriers

  • Dimension: L 2300 * H 1100 mm
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Color: Customer Require
Heavy Duty galvanised pedestrian barrier

Heavy Duty galvanised pedestrian barriers

  • Height: 900mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, etc
  • Length: 2m, 2.2m, 2.5m, etc
  • Feature: Easily Assembled
Interlocking galvanised pedestrian barrier

Interlocking galvanised pedestrian barriers

  • Size:1.1*2.1m,1.1*2.2m,1.2*2.5m,1.3*2.3m,etc
  • Feet: cross feet , bridge feet , flat feet
  • Inner tube: 12mm,16mm,19mm,etc 

galvanised Crowd Control pedestrian barriers

  • Size (Length x High):1500mm x 1000mm, 1500mm x 1200mm(other size can be customized)
  • Frame Tube Thickness:25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 40mm, 42mm
  • Inner Tube Thickness:12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm
powder-coated galvanised PEDESTRIAN barriers

factory galvanised PEDESTRIAN barriers

  • Certificate: ISO9001:2008
  • Size: 1200*1000*1200(D*W*H)
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Advantage:quick delivery, easy assembly, durable
pedestrain barrier

galvanised pedestrian barriers with wheel feet

  • Color: Bright White Or as Requested
  • Material: Q 235/ DIN EN10025 Fe360B or  as Requested.
  • Length × Height: 2000mm ×1100mm,2500×1100mm,2500×1200mm Or as Requested

how manufacture galvanised pedestrian barriers

  • Made of good metal.
  • They are fully hot dipped galvanized after welding.
  • Sizes can be customized.
  • Rubber or metal feet can be available.
  •  Galvanized pedestrian barriers are weather resistant and durable.
  • The barriers are light and easy to handle.
  •  The barrier is strong enough for crowd control.

If you and your project need pedestrian barriers, please reach out to our team. We can help find the perfect solution for any worksites!

Applications of pedestrian barrier

  •  Traffic road control, Road isolation belt, Limit vehicles
  •  Concert, Outdoor activity, Sport ground
  •  Highway, Public activities for crowd control
  • Temporary isolation
  • Temporary protection on construction site
Trending FAQ

Galvanised Pedestrian Barriers | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

As the name suggests, galvanised pedestrian barriers are barriers that help to protect pedestrians or to protect a specific zone from pedestrians.

steel barricade with flat feet

Figure 1 – Galvanised Pedestrian barriers

Galvanised barriers come with a handrail system that helps to develop a pedestrian control system in no time. Galvanised pedestrian barriers are not only easy to set up but also have many other features. They are strong, durable, and versatile. Therefore, you can use them for a wide range of applications.

Why galvanised?It’s because the galvanization process makes the steel more durable, long-lasting and they can endure a tremendous amount of pressure.

Galvanised pedestrian barriers or, in plain words, ‘steel barricades’ are used in a wide range of applications. They are flexible, maneuverable, and have robust safety features. That’s why businesses across the world are choosing galvanised pedestrian barriers for different reasons.

Not only business sectors, pedestrian barriers are used in many other sectors also. School, College, Event organizers, road safety agencies, police departments, military departments, and countless other sectors use galvanised pedestrian barriers to create temporary barricades.  

Let’s dig a little deep into the applications of galvanised pedestrian barriers:

Construction Projects

Barrier fencing galore is often seen in construction sites. This barrier fencing protects the outside people for their own and the site’s safety. You will not only see galvanised pedestrian barriers around a construction project but within the construction project also.

Sometimes galvanised pedestrian barriers are used inside of a construction project to protect a specific zone of the construction project where no one should enter or protect valuable construction materials or machinery.

In road construction, you will see a galvanised pedestrian along the road while the work process is going on. It keeps that area safe and helps to maintain the traffic smoothly.

Crowd Control Barriers

If you are planning to set up control barriers, galvanised pedestrian barriers are your best option. They are widely used for this purpose across various sectors around the globe.

Figure 2 – Crowd barriers are used to separate crowd from a area

Event Support

temporary barricades are a great way when you need to control the crowd in an event. Galvanised safety barriers work as crowd barriers. You can use them as crowd barriers to control a VIP area, parking area, security checking area, and other large events where the crowd needs to be controlled.

Galvanised pedestrian barriers are durable and have high visibility, which makes them an excellent choice in large events.  Moreover, they are free from rust and don’t have any sharp edges that can cause any injury to people.

Road Barrier

Heavy-duty galvanised pedestrian barriers are used alongside highway roads for accident damage control.


You can turn your galvanised pedestrian barriers into a space to promote brands, and businesses by using a pedestrian barrier cover. This is a cost effective way to promote your brand or you can increase your revenue by renting the promotional space.

Pedestrian barrier covers are made of engineered fabric banners like PVC banner material or  Poly Engineered Airmesh.

Yes, galvanised pedestrian barriers are very easy to install, and that’s a big reason for their popularity.

Our galvanised pedestrian barriers need no welding. Our crowd control barriers come with interlock legs and you can connect them by rotating the lock.

The standard size is 2.3 meters and 1.1 meter and installed about 20 CM above the ground. But the dimensions are not fixed. You can customize the dimension and order for your own custom dimension.

The outside frame or the mainframe of galvanised pedestrian barriers are made of galvanised steel tubes. The mainframe is a single long tube without any deformation or weld. For the corners, a pipe is bent at a right angle.

Galvanised pedestrian barriers are hot-dipped galvanised followed by BS EN ISO 1461:2009. This standard specifies coatings’ standard properties and test methods applied by steel articles and dipping fabricated iron.  

Galvanised pedestrian barricade has the following base options:

  • Fixed Y Base
  • Removable flat T-Base
  • Removable Bridge Y Base
  • Removable Wheel Base

Our galvanised crowd control barriers do not need any welding. You can easily connect them with the built-in lock. You will need to tighten the lock to attach the barriers.

Galvanised pedestrian barriers are durable, highly visible and easy to set up. They are also a very handy option to increase brand awareness. That’s why many businesses prefer them over other barriers.

Figure 3 – Galvanised pedestrian barriers are important for social distancing

After the covid-19 pandemic, the galvanised pedestrian barriers became more significant than previously. We are now living in a new normal situation, and maintaining social distancing is a must.

Though lockdown is mostly over in many countries, they are still maintaining the social distance. And galvanised pedestrian barriers are an excellent tool to ensure social distancing.

Though the Covid-19 situation is getting under control, we also have to deal with this deadly virus for the coming years. Therefore, installing galvanised pedestrian barriers is not just your business needs; it is also necessary for public health.  

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