Walkway Counterweight Footplate
-Smart Solution for Blocking and Temporary Enclosure

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A temporary enclosure is essential to guarantee the safety of the construction site and public relations. 

APAC designed the market’s most competent temporary fence base – Walkway Counterweight Footplate. They are designed to limit access to the site by unauthorized personnel and to limit the harmful effects of construction or refurbishment works that may affect the surrounding area.

Installation of Walkway Counterweight Footplate

Holes on the counterweight footplate
Walkway Counterweight Footplate
Walkway Counterweight Footplate APAC

The Walkway Counterweight Footplate is made from S235 carbon steel and is equipped with three mounting holes to install our socket base, or you can choose the mounting holes according to your project.

The holes in the walkway Counterweight Footplate are pre-welded with nuts, allowing you to quickly install the temporary blocking on-site and secure them well without needing additional accessories.

Application of Walkway Counterweight Footplate

The Walkway Counterweight Footplate is used with APAC’s mesh barrier, socket base, and safety post for temporary blocking in traffic environments, construction sites, events, etc.

Counterweight Footplate System
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APAC Walkway Counterweight Footplate System creates separation around the construction site, providing safety for people near the site, limiting visibility and defining the construction work area and effectively preventing noise and dust.

Advantages of Walkway Counterweight Footplate

Walkway Counterweight Footplate
  • Sturdy and solid structure
    The Walkway Counterweight Footplate has a formed steel plate welded into the middle, and this unique design makes the whole tread more robust and durable than a flat plate.
  • High load-bearing capacity
    The Walkway Counterweight Footplate has a length of 900 mm and a width of 300 mm, and it has a sufficient contact area with the ground to carry the self-weight of the system. We have also welded a 10mm thick counterweight block to the Walkway Counterweight Footplate to increase its weight and enable them to withstand its weight and the effects of wind.
  • Surface treatment
    Our Walkway Counterweight Footplate is usually powder-coated after welding. You can choose any RAL color and ask for the hot-dipped galvanized surface treatment.


  • High Quality
    Our Walkway Counterweight Footplate is manufactured strictly with the IS09001 quality control system. We ensure that every production process is carried out with profound control over the quality of the product.
Walkway Counterweight Footplate Systems
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  • Long service life
    Two 25×25 square tubes are welded to the Walkway Counterweight Footplate; each end of them has a rubber cover on it to enable the whole pedal to withstand rain and prolong its life.
  • Customized logos

Compared to traditional pedestrian or temporary fences, you can put a more prominent logo on the Walkway Counterweight Footplate, which will be more beneficial for promoting your brand.

  • Reduced storage space
    Our Counterweight Footplate can be loaded onto a pallet. Accessible to transport, it can significantly reduce your costs.
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