white debris netting

white debris netting

Debris netting is durable, heavy duty plastic netting for use on scaffolding to protect pedestrians and traffic from falling debris. Additionally, this construction net allows air circulation and considerably reduces rain and wind penetration which improves the working environment for construction personnel.

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Debris Netting for Sale: Ensuring Safety and Protection on Construction Sites

Our value is “Quality is First“, this makes us have accumulated a substantial list of satisfied customers, with a range of sizes and colors to meet the needs of different applications, debris netting provides an efficient solution. Select from the heavy-duty and standard-duty models to guarantee the necessary degree of protection. And we can according to your needs, change into the color you want, and other requirements.

white debris net

White scaffold Debris netting

  • Various colours available
  • Fastenings also available
  • 55g/m2 Heavy Duty Product
white debris netting with red stripe

HDPE White Debris Safety Netting

  • Width:2-3m
  • Color: can be customized
  • Material: HDPE +UV Stabilized



white horizontal debris netting

white horizontal debris netting

  • Processing Service: warp knitted
  • Open mesh construct reduces wind loading
  • Reduces risk of objects falling


  • Specification: 40GSM, 60GSM, 80GSM
  • Size: 2*50m, 3*50m
  • Lightweight. Easy to install and remove
white debris netting with blue stripe

Fire Retardant White Debris Netting

  • U.V-treated and fire resistant high density polyethylene knitted construction
  • Economical and cost-effective meets OSHA requirements
white debris netting with yellow stripe

Heavy Duty White Debris Safety Netting

  • Eyelet Position: Top, Middle & Bottom
  • Mesh Size:2-3mm x 2-3mm
  • UV Rating: 3%

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how manufacture white debris netting

Safety Debris Netting is commonly made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors for maximum life expectancy. The open knitted mesh design allows for air flow yet still provides containment of small and chunk debris. Safety Debris Netting rolls include reinforced hemmed edges for fastening purposes allowing an easy, safe and secure installation. All rolls are tightly packaged into clear poly bags with branded labels for easy shipping and handling. All Eagle Safety Debris Netting is tested and approved to meet the standards of today’s industrial and construction industry.

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The Premium Supplier of Top Debris Netting

APAC’s Debris Netting is perfect for a wide range of construction and job site applications. Our products maintain site cleanliness and organization while safeguarding workers and equipment from debris and falling objects. Moreover, our fire-retardant APAC’s Debris Netting enhances safety in the event of a fire.

APAC’s all-in-one Debris Netting solution is engineered to protect public areas and pedestrians from construction debris, effectively capturing smaller items such as dust and dropped tools. As the heaviest-duty construction netting available on the market, it ensures maximum safety and protection.

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more about debris netting

Construction debris netting is made from HDPE, a material with high strength and durability, and the netting is primarily used on scaffolding systems to keep any rubbish or debris contained on a building site. In addition, debris netting is used in job site protection, scaffolding enclosure, construction windscreen, etc.

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  • APAC is the first and preferred supplier and manufacturer of quality netting products in China
  • Provide our customers with high-quality products and reliable service and support
  • All products are tested and approved to meet the standards
  • Capability to supply both bulk orders and smaller volumes
  • Samples in stock ready for delivery
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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