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Yellow tags are known as “Caution Tags” and mean that scaffold inspection is done but additional safety is required. Based on the results of an additional inspection, yellow tags can be removed and an appropriate tag (green or red) will be hung on the scaffold.
They are required on scaffolding working project, because the OSHA requires: “Scaffolds and scaffold components shall be inspected for visible defects by a competent person before each work shift, and after any occurrence which could affect a scaffold’s structural integrity.”
The plastic scaffold status tags are tear-resistance. There are form-type inspection record table on the back side, and able to write on the tags.

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APAC yellow scaffold tags are your durable, weatherproof option, stand up to sun, rain, sleet, wind-borne sand and dirt.
We provide a number of yellow scaffold tags that not only help your facility stay in compliance with OSHA scaffold requirements and standards but can also protect the lives of your workers.
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2-Sided Scaffold
Status Tag: Caution

Yellow Laminated Scaffolding Tags

Yellow Laminated Scaffolding Tags

Warning Inspection insert and Holder

Warning Inspection insert and Holder

Scaffold Tags Set

Yellow replacement insert

Yellow replacement insert

yellow scaffolding tag holder

Yellow Tag Holder

how we manufacture scaffolding safety tags

We are an enterprise with a deep understanding of the construction worksite safety field. Own related production factory to support customized, personalized needs of scaffold tags and other safety equipment.
All of APAC’s yellow scaffold tags comply with the OSHA standards and recommendations.
We also offer a wide variety of scaffolding tag products, such as scaffolding tag kits, scaffolding tags insert, and holders.
Our unique products, competitive prices, and friendly one-on-one service have set us to have customers all over the globe.
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Quality Meets Excellence

We have a complete set of manufacturing equipment, which enables us to meet customer requirements for custom-made products. We have more than years of experience in producing scaffolding tags. Our scaffolding tag is of great quality, and all the products are subject to quality inspection. We have a complete set of manufacturing equipment, which enables us to meet customer requirements for custom-made products.

We provide our customers with different types of scaffolding tags. The price is reasonable, and the service is good! If you have any needs for scaffolding tags, please feel free to contact us!

Material Selections


PF cardboard is pulp-free, they do not contain wood pulp or paper like ordinary cardboard, flexible, tear-resistant, and suitable for indoor or outdoor short-term use.


High strength, tear resistant, weather resistant, chemical resistant to dirty and greasy environments, suitable for indoor and outdoor temporary marking applications


HS-Laminate is a composite material that is very strong, with a matte finish and easy to write on. It is tear-resistant, weatherproof and chemical-resistant, and suitable for use in extreme weather.

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