APAC manufactures high-quality edge protection components for blocking and temporary enclosures, the edge protection system provided by APAC is easy to install.

It provides simple walkway access to the most complex work zone during construction.They can easily be connected by integrated hooks and loops, and set at different angles.

Whether people are working at ground or on elevated platforms, we have a selection of edge protection barrier system to make sure their safety.

APAC Builders Equipment

various edge protection solutions for you

As a specialist edge protection manufacturer and supplier, we have always been committed to offering our users different possibilities. So you also can use various edge protection systems to provide safe walkways on construction sites. If you have any questions, you can contact our representative and engineer.

walkway system

The Walkway Edge Protection System provided by APAC is easy to install, conforms to OSHA 1926.502 and BS EN 13374:2013 standards.

temporary fence

APAC provides Australia and New Zealand clients the temp fence panels of the best quality, all products strictly comply with AS 4687-2007.

Temporary Fence

APAC supply either powder coated or galvanized temporary fence for Canada makert, flexible and versatile and cost-effective.

temporary chain link fence

APAC Temporary chain link fence has a superior structure, mobility and environmental suitability is very good.

Heras Fence

APAC Heras Fence complies with BS 1722-18-2011 standard.The heras panel common size is 3.5m in length and 2.0m in height

plastic temporary fencing

Manufactured from plastic, used for construction and professional uses, including gardening, sporting events and crowd control


The system can be used as temporary blocking in traffic environments, on construction sites and at events etc.  And also can be used on prefabricated concrete slabs to create a safe blockage for construction personnel. The system is movable, you can move to any place that needs protection.The system is designed for ergonomic and cost-effective handling.

manufacture capacity

APAC has our own production line, so we can guarantee the quality and delivery time of our edge protection system. Also can prevent products damaged during the transportation from Powder coating factory.
All components of our edge protection system for blocking and temporary enclosures are well packed and stacked in the steel pallets before shipment. Our experienced welders ensure you have very good quality products with no worries.

If you and your project need edge protection for blocking and temporary enclosures, please reach out to our team. We can help find the perfect solution for any construction site!

why choose APAC

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  • Top 1 manufacturer and supplier of edge protection systems in China.

  • Provides a one-stop solution and free design service.

  • A maximum degree of versatility over other brands of Edge Protection Systems.

  • We are capable of handling both small and large orders.

  • Samples available for delivery in stock.

  • Deliveries to every corner of the globe in a timely manner.

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