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Orange Safety Fence

Made of high-density polyethylene material, the orange safety fence is an economical fence with multiple uses, such as fencing around hazardous areas on construction sites, fencing around re-vegetation areas on fields, as well as crowd control at events.

APAC is an Chinese leading company in manufacturing and supplying worksite safety products, and we are trusted by construction products wholesalers, construction companies and trading agencies across the world.

we can supply a minimum of a thousand orange safety fence rolls at times to fulfill any job of any size.

APAC Provide the Best Overall Orange Safety Fence for You

APAC orange safety fence is a lightweight visual barrier. this temporary fence is great for many applications that help keep unwanted traffic out of unsafe areas, including fencing around hazardous areas on construction sites, fencing around re-vegetation areas on fields, as well as crowd control at events.

Made with small grid openings, the orange safety fence ensures the fabric can be see-through while having an impressive 150 pounds of tensile strength.

Thanks to weather-resistant PVC, the fabric is also UV stabilized to protect the fence under the sun, so the color will not fade. The OSHA high noticeable visual orange ensures the fabric is bright and visible in all weather conditions.

It comes in a handy 50 m or 100m roll that can be easily stored while not in use.

Figure 3 - Orange Construction Fence Attached With Pole Teeth And Zip Ties

The orange safety fence is APAC’s most popular and best-selling warning barrier. Colors are available in orange, green, red, black, and patented fluorescent yellow.
Our orange safety fences are tested in accordance with international standards and consist we meet strenuous quality control expectations.

In our world-class ISO-certified manufacturing factory, APAC has a local team of engineers quality control, and production and logistics specialists who work daily to ensure only the best most dependable orange safety fence is delivered to you.

APAC partners with you throughout the entire sales cycle, from initial inquiry to final delivery, we help you develop the right worksite safety solution for your needs, regardless of the project complexity.

We believe that by our commitment to quality craftsmanship, safe working conditions, and safety practices, we’re creating a successful working environment for our employees and customers.

We look forward to rolling up our sleeves and getting to work for you. 


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Orange Safety Fence | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

APAC is a leading orange barrier fencing manufacturer in China. In this article, we will describe everything you should know about the orange safety fence.

An orange safety fence is a temporary fencing system to cover any construction or hazardous area that has potential danger for general people.  It’s a tough commercial-grade polyethylene fabric.

As the name suggests, this is an orange color fence usually used in construction areas. Orange is a color that describes “Warning.” Both ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA approved orange as a color to provide warning signs to people.

orange construction fence case

Figure 1 – Orange safety fence

An Orange safety fence is made with lightweight material for easy installation and transportation. They are easily portable, and you can install them effortlessly in any type of construction area.

Research shows that orange is a highly stimulating color and easily grabs attention. And that’s why orange is used in safety vests.

Construction site managers, workers, and outside people can detect this color from a distance, and that’s why an orange safety fence is used in potential hazardous spots.

The purpose of an orange safety fence is to make an area separated so that people do not enter that area without permission. Every construction site has a potential danger zone, and those zones must be separated, and an orange safety fence does that job.

You would see orange color in safety vests behind utility vehicles. It is because the color sends the message to “Keep away.”

That’s why you will see orange safety fences in many other places also. In snow areas they are used to spot the ski area. They are also used in road construction, separate important industrial areas, gardens and so on.


Figure 2 – Orange safety fence in snow to identify ski area

Construction sites are not permanent, nor are the fencing. That’s why the fencing solution should be lightweight and easily portable.

Orange plastic fences are easy to transport and install, and the color is tough to ignore. So, when dealing with an area with potential danger for people roaming around, you should enclose that area with a plastic orange fence.

As the name suggests, temporary fencing is a temporary solution, nothing permanent. So, the primary feature of temporary fencing should be portable and easily installable.

As this is a temporary solution, it uses chain link panels supported by chains and braces instead of putting them securely into the ground. In most cases, you will see couplers to connect them to each other.

Orange temporary fencing is a low-cost safety solution for any construction site with potential danger. Therefore, orange barrier fencing should come with some unique features. Some of them are:

  • high visibilityin all weather conditions.
  • Made with plastic material, easy to fold and bend
  • Long-term UV stability with strength.  
  • Portable and reusable.
  • Can be cut to any length
  • Heavy duty or common types
  • Has a height of .3 to .5 feet.
  • The standard length is 50 to 100 feet.
  • Multiple grid shape options: rectangle, diamond, oval or chain Link Style

Orange safety fence has the following components

  • orange safety fence post
  • Orange Plastic Fence Pins or zip ties
  • orange safety fence

An orange safety fence is used to help people to notice an area with potential danger. Though the primary purpose of orange barrier fencing is to protect a construction area, they have other uses also. They are:

  • Plastic Safety Construction Fence
  • snow fence
  • Orange Guardian Safety Barrier Fence
  • Building and garden
  • Crowd Control Barricade
  • Traffic Control.
  • Sporting Events.
  • Industrial Facilities.
  • Road Work.
  • Agriculture Warning

Access walkways

Figure 3 - Orange safety fence in construction area

Figure 3 – Orange safety fence in construction area

An Orange safety fence is easy to install. Follow the below instructions:

Mark the area where you want to install the orange temporary fencing. A very long distance will reduce the strength of the temporary fencing. Therefore, it is essential to use a fair amount of posts. You should maintain a 6 to 10 feet distance between two posts.

Temporary fencing also needs supporting posts, and you can use wooden posts, T-posts as supporting posts according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Insert the posts on the marked areas following the instructions of the manufacturer. The teeth of the supporting posts should face the same side.

Now take the orange safety fence and clamp the thicker part with the top teeth of the post. Do not miss any teeth to get the optimum support.

Use zip ties to fix the mesh members to the posts. If necessary, you can use staple for additional support.

We mentioned this earlier. Orange is a color that the human eye can not ignore. Green or Black, on the other hand, is not a highly contrasting color and not easy to determine from a distance. Moreover, the orange color has some psychological effect of awareness that green and black don’t.

If you prefer durability, wood is better than Metal t-bar and t-bar posts. Wood posts are easy to brace and have more resistance, providing more strength and durability in the construction site’s fencing.

But if you are concerned about the price, then metal T-bar or T-bar posts are excellent solutions.

Good quality orange safety fence is built with  UV-stabilised plastic mesh. This type of plastic is strong and is more durable than regular plastic. Moreover, the plastic orange fence is easy to install and reusable.

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