personnel safety nets

personnel safety nets

In addition to our traditional safety netting solutions, we also provide personnel safety nets.

Personnel safety nets helps protect workers from edge hazards and debris hazards at height. It provides more protection from falling debris and side-winds, whilst maintaining as much ambient light as possible.

The netting also keeps workers aware of their vicinity to edges, this providing an extra preventative measure if safety.

The system is designed to complement true edge protection that is more directly involved in fall arrest.

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personnel safety nets for sale

These personnel safety nets are crucial for effective fall protection. The personnel safety nets in standard sizes are available. Meanwhile, we also manufacture customized nets. In all sizes, colors, and designs.

fall protection safety net

construction personnel safety nets

  • Material: nylon
  • Weight: 4-8kg/pic
  • Packing: bag
  • Using life: 3-5years
fall protection safety net

reinforced edge personnel safety nets

  • UV: 3%, As your request
  • Denier: 200D~550D
  • Material: 100% New HDPE
Universal PP knotless roof safety netting

knotless personnel safety nets

  • Material:PE/Polyester/Nylon
  • MeshSize:4cm/5cm/6cm/8cm/10cm/12cm/15cm/20cm
  • Color:Colorful

High quality HDPE personnel safety nets

  • Size:4’X150′, 5’6″ X150′,8’6″ X 150′,10’6″X150′,12’X150′,15’X150′ etc. Customized
  • Gram Weight:150g-300g/m²
  • Mesh:1/4″ X 1/4″
scaffold debris netting

personnel fire-resistant safety nets

  • Material: 100% Virgin HDPE /UV protect
  • Type: Flame Retardant
  • Edge: Reinforced borders for fastening

heavy duty personnel safety nets

  • Type: double deck
  • UV rate: 3%
  • Knitted eyeholes along both edges and through the center

how manufacture construction safety net



The material is of course 100% non-toxic, and contact with mucus membranes (mouth, eyes) is completely safe as well.

Thanks to their weather-resistance and UV-stability, our safety nets are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

If you would like to discuss the use of personnel safety nets as part of your project, please contact us now!

Applications OF personnel safety nets

Personnel safety nets (aka personal protection safety nets or sidewall safety nets) are mandatory on construction sites which imply a risk of falling, e.g. roofing works, facade renovation, industrial construction, bridge building, etc.

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construction safety net
  • Offers millions of square feet of construction safety nets for sale
  • Compliant with OSHA, ANSI, ISO, and other construction safety standards.
  • Safety solutions developed in close collaboration with your unique needs
  • Whatever your industry, we will ensure that your workers are protected at height
  • Free samples are available
  • Fast and efficient delivery to the whole world

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