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As the industry pros dedicated to Jobsite edge protection through superior equipment and solutions, APAC believes in safety above all.
So we design and manufacture in-house our edge protection products for great versatility and easy assembly. Each product meets OSHA, EN 13374, and AS/NZS4991 safety standards.
When it comes to applications, our edge protection solutions are unrivaled in the blend of breadth and depth, backed up by over years’ experience and custom engineered systems designed around your needs.

all-in-one solution

Our expertly designed products are just the beginning. We support our partners with one stop solutions and 24×7 services – all to make you in total confidence.


APAC offers flexible OEM & ODM services that allow you to customize the shape, color, packaging and add your logo on them to displaying or advertising your brand.

factory direct

Our factories have the specialized automatic line of welding panels and automatic PVC powder-coating line, the production capacity can reach up to 30000 meters of temporary edge protection panels per month.

one-stop edge protection solutions


concrete structure

We mainly provide several ways to operate the solution, such as top slab mounted, slab edge-mounted, slab grabbed, and the Full height compression from the floor to the ceiling.


steel structure

For steel structure edge protection solution, we mainly provide several ways to operate the system, such as top bolted, clamped, and welded to horizontal steelwork.

H20 Timber Beam Edge Protection System

formwork structure

APAC has developed both fixing components for both two beams. We can custom any type of edge protection for formwork edges based on your project with detailed requirements.



The fixation of concrete stair system may be restricted by complexed worksite, APAC will consider each application individual and customize your own stair edge protection system based on these.

edge protection for bridge construction

bridge safety

Building and maintaining bridges creates a long list of potential hazards for workers, providing fall protection is a top priority.

walkway system


In order to prevent workers from approaching dangerous areas or prevent irrelevant people, we provide different solutions for this

guardrail system

roof edge

Rooftops are a frequent spot for accidents during construction, measures must be taken to prevent workers from falling.


falling objects

Catching and securely containing falling objects, protecting property, the public and site workers.

other solutions

Our team of professional engineers design different solutions for complex worksites according to different projects. For more information,contact us now!

Edge Protection System FEATURED PRODUCTS

concrete structure
edge protection products

steel structure
edge protection products

formwork structure
edge protection products

Full height
edge protection products

Concrete stairwell
edge protection products

slab grab usage2

Guardrail System
fall protection products

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