Edge Protection Systems for Australia

Edge Protection Systems Australia

APAC is a China-based manufacturer with expertise in Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia. We have shipped hundreds of containers of qualifying equipment to Australia.

You can find a complete range of edge protection parts and components at APAC for the Australian market. Compared to conventional guardrail systems, APAC’s Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia market consists of infill panels that are easier and safer to use.

You can customize your brand name or logo on APAC’s infill panel to enhance your brand presence on the job site.

Send us an inquiry now to get competitive Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia prices for your worksite!


We identify situations where there might be a risk of fall for your project, and solutions are then specified at the design stage.


Your requirements can be quickly turned into prototypes that can be 3D demoed, tested, and evaluated both in our facility.


In line with ISO9001 Quality Management System, our team strictly controls every procedure to ensure the highest quality products.

Edge Protection Systems (EPS) to Australia protect lives

Life is precious and priceless, and with our Edge Protection Systems (EPS) to Australia, you can protect workers’ lives.

Every country takes construction safety very seriously and if a worker is disabled or died as a result of a fall from a height due to improper equipment, companies generally face very expensive compensation and lawsuits, especially in Australia.

APAC is your trustworthy Australia Edge Protection Systems (EPS) partner, We help you to create safer Edge Protection Systems (EPS) in Australia from falling accidents and ensure your construction safety.

If you have any projects in hand that need our Edge Protection Systems (EPS) in Australia, please send us the inquiry.

Type of Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia

Bolt-on Edge Protection

The Bolt-on Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia can be mounted on concrete directly. Providing Single or double-height mesh barrier for opening slab edges.

Slab Clamped Edge Protection

The Slab Clamped Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia is a flexible system. You can use it to create a safe working environment on parapets, curbs, I-Beams, and slab edges.

Compression Post Edge Protection

Compression posts for Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia are fixed to ceilings and floor slab. The system is available in single, double, and triple mesh barrier heights.

3D Display of Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia

Components of APAC's Edge Protection Systems (EPS) Australia:

TG Foot for TG Edge Protection System

TG Foot

TG Foot is an attachment bracket for Bolt-on Edge Protection Systems (EPS) Australia. It is designed to be anchored to the flat surface of the slabs. You can easily mount them to the slab by using concrete bolts.

compression post for fall protection

Compression Post

Compression posts are a type of fence post designed for those situations where drilling is not possible or feasible. They are fixed between the concrete floors and the soffits, with no need for anchors, and can be easily and quickly installed on-site. It is the key element for compression post edge protection systems (EPS) in Australia.

Slab Grab (Multi Slab Clamp)

Slab Grab (Multi Slab Clamp)

Slab Grab we also call it Multi Slab Clamp is the attachment bracket for Clamped Edge Protection Systems (EPS) Australia. The multi slab clamp is adjustable and suitable to the slab height from 30mm-450mm. No need to drill the holes on the slab,  they can be clamped to the slab edges by rotating the screw nut clockwise and can be easily removed from the slab by rotating the screw nut anticlockwise.

Structural Infill Panels ( Safedge Mesh Barrier 2.6m)

Structural Infill Panels (Safedge Mesh Barrier 2.6m)

The structure infill panels ( Safedge Mesh Barrier 2.6m) are designed and manufactured according to AS/NZS 4994.1 Temporary Edge Protection. The apertures of the infill panel are 50mm x 50 mm made by 4mm diameter wires. Apart from meeting the static load requirements, APAC’s Edge Protection Systems (EPS) Australia can also withstand the dynamic load of a 60kg pendulum head dropped from a height of 1.0m thanks to the structure of the infill panels.

APAC Edge Protection Systems projects in Australia

Products arrived clients warehouse Sydney Australia

Edge Protection Systems (EPS) in Sydney, Australia, the client's warehouse

Slab Clamp Edge Protection Installed on the site

Edge Protection Systems (EPS) to Australia Installed on the site

Mock-up installation in APAC's Facility

Mock-up Edge Protection Systems (EPS) for Australia installation in APAC's Facility

surface treatment you can choose

Every piece of our product has to go through Raw Materials —— Cutting —— Bending ——Punching ——Welding ——Surface Treatment ——Assembly —— Quality Control —— Packaging —— Transportation.

APAC offers a variety of surface treatment methods, choose on:

edge protection barrier wire mesh panel

strict quality control before delivery

Before the shipment of each batch of temporary edge protection barriers, we will carry out strict quality control to ensure that they are perfect when they reach the customers.

Why does APAC Edge Protection Systems (EPS) meet Australia's height safety requirements?

We have covered all your site edge protection and height safety systems.

Slab Edges

Open Slabs







With a wide range of site safety options, APAC Safety has the ability to customize the perfect solution. If required, we offer door-to-door service and all products can be delivered directly to the project site. In addition, we offer comprehensive training in the use of our systems and provide 24/7 customer support. Whether you require roof edge protection, roof cladding, additional toe boards, bottom rail installation, or wall framing, rest assured that we can install your parapet where safety requires it. Our edge protection systems exceed any engineering specification and the systems comply with the Health at Work system and the Australian Standard for Safe Work NZS 4994.1.

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