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Hello, I am Pieter Zhang, founder of APAC. I have been in the site safety products business for 14 years and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge about site safety products from the perspective of a Chinese supplier.


Ringlock scaffolding can help enhance the performance of your construction projects if chosen well. Your workers can access the higher positions of the building through a quick scaffold system. There are some features of a high-quality Ringlock scaffolding system. 

You may face a confusing situation while selecting the right product. It is because you have to consider the construction needs, installation methods, ground stability, budget, and height. However, we have made it easy for you by listing important standards and features of the right construction ringlock scaffolding.

Knowing These Secrets Will Make You Avoid Inferior Ringlock Scaffolding

According to the report of the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics, 61 fatalities occurred in the year 2018 from scaffolds, and staging. Inferior scaffolding and improper Scaffold Construction cause the most serious scaffold-related injuries.

Whenever you intend to buy a product, you always look for high quality to get the best results possible. The same is the case when you are buying high-quality ring lock scaffolding for construction buildings. If you want some awareness regarding the difference between an inferior Ringlock system and a high-quality Ringlock scaffolding system. This blog will help you out. 

Ringlock scaffolding systems possess different characteristics that include high carrying capacity, greater efficiency, high corrosion resistance, higher safety, and a higher level of versatility. Since its major purpose is to load and unload, you must choose a high-quality scaffold system for the safety of your workers. 

There are a few characteristics that are listed to help you distinguish an inferior Ringlock scaffolding system from a high-quality Ringlock scaffolding system. 

You should make sure that you are buying modular scaffold systems from a dependable supplier since small ringlock scaffolding factories don’t adhere to quality standards strictly.

  1. In the case of inferior steel tubes, there is a composition of uneven steel with many impurities. On the other hand, a high-quality Ringlock scaffolding system is composed of high-quality steel tubes. 
  2. The cost of graft endemic to the construction industry more or less guarantees that steel tube thickness has been cut. So at the time of purchase, it was not as cheap to use by low ringlock scaffolding components.  
  3. Inferior scaffolding ringlock products are easily prone to scratches, damages. and cracks. High-quality Ringlock scaffolding systems are less prone to such situations.
  4. You can easily distinguish between the two by checking the molten zinc metallic luster after the galvanizing process, which is absent in inferior systems and present in high-quality Ringlock systems.  
  5. It is often off-dimension for low-quality Ring lock scaffolds. The irregular structures can affect the stability of the entire scaffolding system.
  6. Inferior ringlocks have poor bearing capacity, while the other has a higher capacity. 
  7. You can not easily bend a high-quality Ringlock scaffolding component. On the other hand, an inferior scaffold product can be bent easily because of the lower yield strength.
  8. In some cases, inferior Ringlock parts are sold at cheap prices while high-quality ringlock systems are expensive but durable. 

Ringlock Scaffolding: Are You Prepared For A Better Quality?

Since the Ringlock scaffolding systems have a higher level of durability, reliability, safety, and efficiency, it is preferred by most construction companies. The reason behind the great quality and high standards lies in the amazing Ringlock scaffolding design. There are a few quality standards that should be met before purchasing Ringlock scaffolds. 

The specific system scaffolding standards vary from country to country, and you must use ringlock systems that meet the requirements of local regulations. For example, in China, these quality standards are imposed by “Technical Specification for Safety of ringlock scaffolding systems in construction industry  NO.JGJ 231-2010″

All these quality standards are listed as under :

  1. Special process equipment should be used for the welding of Ringlock scaffolding system rods. The welding wires should be composed of low-alloy steel and carbon steel for gas shielded welding. The standard for fillet weld height is considered as at least 3.5mm.
  2. There should be at least an 8mm thickness of the connecting rosette plate. The Allowable size deviation should be 0.5mm. 
  3. There should be a good arc surface contact with the outer surface in case of the spigot joint. It must have a contact area of at least 500 square millimeters. 
  4. There should be a ringlock scaffolding ties system for the wedge-shaped bolt that should help it to lock when erecting.
  5. The ringlock galvanized spigot joint can be composed of seamless hot dip galvanized steel pipes casing or cast steel casing.
  6. There should be a proper system for fixing the scaffold pole connector, such as ringlock diagonal brace, bridge ledger, board bracket.
  7. After the welding and fixing process of the ringlock system, the different axial degrees should be a maximum of 0.3mm.
  8. The screw rods should adopt trapezoidal teeth in case of an adjustable ringlock base jack and bracket.
  9. The material of the bottom plate should be steel Q235.
  10. The length should be a minimum of 5 buckles for the adjustable bracket and adjustable base screw rod. 
  11. The thickness of the nut should be a minimum of 30mm.

Believing These 11 key points About High-quality Ringlock Scaffolding Keeps Your business Growing

  1. A high-quality Ringlock scaffolding system is always composed of high-quality steel grade with uniform material composition properties.
  2. The steel tubes are consist of high cold shear tonnage having a smooth as well as neat end face of the cutting head.
  3. A high-quality Ringlock scaffolding component is very less likely to bend, crack, or damage due to its higher yield strength and higher durability.
  4. It must be noted that a high-quality Ringlock scaffolding system has high standards, and small chances of off-size, and it won’t give short weight.
  5. A high-quality Ringlock scaffolding manufacturer or supplier will always give you its authenticity certificate.
  6. The zinc coating surface layer of Ringlock scaffolding systems is treated with hot-dip galvanized, anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment. It helps to give higher durability.
  7. High-quality Ringlock product are capable of passing the test with product certificates and test reports.
  8. One of the important features of a high-quality Ringlock scaffolding system is that it can be used for more than 15 years. You have to make sure that you are properly maintaining your Ringlock scaffolding parts even if it has a long lifespan.
  9. High-quality Ringlock scaffolding accessories are produced and supplied by high reputation brands and manufacturers, those with complete qualifications, large scale, and strong strength.
  10. High-quality Ringlock scaffolds are expensive and bought by those with an emphasis on product quality. They have lower safety risks as compared to cheap and low-quality Ringlock systems.
  11. Therefore, you should purchase your Ringlock system directly from large companies or experienced manufacturers.


Choosing the right Ringlock scaffolding system can be a difficult task due to the availability of different brands in the market. However, knowing the quality standards can help you get the best products. There are a few characteristics that may be lacking in an inferior Ringlock scaffolding.

You can ask a high-quality supplier to help you choose the best Ringlock scaffolding systems with high-quality standards. You can also contact us to help you find cost-effective ringlock products according to your demand.

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