edge protection equipment

APAC’s edge protection equipment has been manufactured to stand with the BS EN 13374. With our edge protection equipment, workers can safely operate at height, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

●  Easy to install and dismantle, making them a convenient solution for temporary construction projects.
● Designed with durability and longevity in mind, saving labor.
● Galvanized edge protection barriers built to last
● Plenty of feet kits available
● Comply with Standards BS EN 13374

APAC Builders Equipment

steel mesh barrier SYSTEM

edge protection barrier

Steel wire mesh panel, portable and easy assembly

edge protection

For installing edge protection panels or guardrails

edge protection

Versatile attachments for your building structure type


edge protection

We offer standard accessories, or special order

Guardrail SYSTEM

Slab Grabber

Fast, safe, and strong guard rails. Meets and exceeds OSHA standards

guardrail system

The system attached to the building and can’t be moved

free standing roof edge protection

free standing guardrail

Portable bases and guardrails to  prevent fall hazard


guardrail system

Offer great looks and long-lasting performance

parapet clamp guardrail system

Portable guardrail system mounts on parapets or slabs

countweight guardrail

counterweight guardrail

Non-penetrating systems, use counterweight bases


Used with guardrails, provide personnel and debris safety

brick guards

Provide barrier along the  handrail and toeboard

Safety net SYSTEM

safety net fan

Pre-assembled safety net unit, can be used on any structure and adapted to any shape

construction safety net

Safety netting designed and tested to provide protection to workers from fall hazard

Fire retardant Unimesh

Fire retardant containment net for scaffolding debris protection, steel wire reinforced

Fence & Barricade SYSTEM

Steel temporary fence

Portable steel temporary fence can be used to secure job sites and valuable equipment

plastic temporary fence

Plastic temporary fence is a low-cost solution or perimeter control and specific area protection

steel barricade

Hot-dipped galvanized for long-term weather resistance, providing security for crowd control or major events

Other products

Barrier stillage

Designed for storing and transporting wire mesh barriers

Post stillage

Designed for storing and transporting edge protection posts


Tie-down strap used to secure goods or equipment during transport

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  • Fully edge protection solutions with interchangeable components
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