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edge protection for high-rise building

When constructing tall buildings, especially the type like skyscrapers, the safety of the workers comes first, they need to work at a relatively high level, falls and falling objects can become a big problem, and this is where temporary edge protection systems can play a key role.


APAC was founded to provide one-stop solutions for construction sites safety products, such as roof edge protection, concrete slab edge protection, formwork edge protection, stair edge protection, and steel edge protection, to reduce customer costs and expand the business.


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edge protection System FOR Concrete FRAMES

For concrete frames, APAC has developed a range of edge protection systems to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory requirements in your market.

Steel edge protection System

Steel structure edge protection systems are very popular in the construction industry, we design different edge protection systems to suit different types of steel structures.

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Formwork edge protection supplier

formwork edge protection System

With regard to formwork construction, we have designed systems primarily for h20 timber beam and aluminum beam construction, but if you would like to customize them for your project, our engineers would be happy to assist you!

edge protection System between slab

This edge protection system is specially designed for concrete slabs. Easy and fast installation is its most important feature. It is fixed by the sassafras force between the floor slabs, which ensures the safety and at the same time, workers do not need to install it when they are installing.

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StAIR edge protection System

By manufacturing and offering custom stair edge protection systems with form-fitting edges, we provide specialized solutions that addresses the safety concerns related to staircases while allowing you to tailor the design, materials, and dimensions to meet specific requirements and preferences.

customize your own edge protection systems

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Slab-Grab-edge protection-clamp
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h20 beam edge protection

We understand that your projects need to use safe and reliable edge protection systems to reduce the falling risk.
APAC offers one-stop solutions and flexible OEM & ODM services that allow you to customize the shape, color, packaging and add your logo on them to displaying or advertising your brand.

APAC is your leading edge protection systems manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce and provide high-quality edge protection equipment for temporary support on the construction site. We also supply temporary protection systems for falling objects during the construction period.

If you need edge protection systems for a safer construction site, we do help you, contact us now and know more specifications.



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