temporary handrail systems

temporary handrail systems

Temporary handrail systems are required by OSHA and are designed to provide fall protection for people who are working at height. These temporary safety railing systems are appropriate for construction, infrequent roof maintenance, and roof repairs. Take your teams’ safety seriously and protect them with the appropriate construction railing system.

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types of temporary handrail system for sale

Temporary handrail system provides safe working conditions at height. APAC fall protection handrail is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, the removable fixings could help to move the handrail and keen rail up and down easily, and easier to install with lightweight and quick fixings, with 1.75m spans between posts, it will save installing time and cost-effective also. We provide a wide range of installation solutions, it could be fixed on the floor or parapet and it also could be installed on the roof without any drilling and screws.

fall protection handrail

fall protection handrail

Freestanding handrail

freestanding handrail

temporary handrail

handrail safety systems

handrail safety systems

roof edge protection handrail

roof edge protection handrail

temporary handrail for stairs

temporary handrail for stairs

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c-slab grabber handrail

APAC Temporary Handrail Systems is a totally versatile, safe, and easy to assemble roof edge protection system that saves both time and money. It is designed to create a temporary barrier at the roof edge without damage to the roof surface. Using a cantilever weight system the system provides full double handrail protection for all operatives working on, re-felting, and inspecting flat roofs.

If you and your project need temporary handrail system, please reach out to our team. We can help find the perfect solution for any worksites!

Applications of temporary handrail

The system can be used as edge protection wherever a safety barrier is required. Lift shaft holes, slab edge, voids, and temporary works on roofs where hand railing is required for safety and containment of personnel.

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